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To be photographed is a very near moment for many people. Therefor we create a pleasant atmosphere, what eases the shooting and affects the pictures in a positive way.

On about 140 m² studio area are always at least 6 sets available with coordinated floor and wall design, more can be composed. The varied inventory provides creative possibilities. Additional there are background systems with different plain backgrounds ready for use. For small customers there are places to change a diapers as well as something to play with. A heating lamp cares for a pleasant temperature during the baby-shooting.

In the separate make-up room you will be prepared for the shooting or you can refresh your own make up by yourself.

In our extra dressing room outfit changes can be done discreetfully.

Der direkt benachbarte Grünstadter Peterspark dient als vielseitige Outdoor-Location, welche kurzfristig und ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand jederzeit verfügbar ist. Darüber hinaus können wir auf weitere unterschiedliche Outdoor- und Indoor-Locations zurückgreifen. Home-Shootings sind natürlich ebenso möglich.

The adjacent Grünstadt Peter`s Park serves a versatile outdoor location which is directly available and without further efforts. In addition we can also resort to other different outdoor and indoor locations. Of course home shootings are possible, too.

Beside photo reportages of events like graduation or other leavers’ balls as example, we can also offer guests-shootings in studio quality with our mobile photo studio.

Our present voucher are always a good idea, which is suitable for nearly all people and keeps in memory. They are usable for photo shootings of each categories but also for make-up, hairstyling, color-, style- and make-up-consulting.

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The central position in Grünstadt allows a short drive of 15 to 20 minutes to our photographic studio from Bad DürkheimEisenberg and Frankenthal, less than 30 minutes from WormsKirchheimbolanden as well as Alzey and also the approach from MannheimLudwigshafenK-Town (Kaiserslautern), Ramstein and Neustadt to your photographer in Grünstadt does not take much longer. Thanks to the optimal freeway access, the journey from MainzDarmstadtHeidelbergSpeyer and Landau for example takes only about 45 minutes to your photoshoot. Approaching from FrankfurtSaarbrücken and Karlsruhe, you have to count about 60 minutes driving to our studio at a good traffic flow

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Qualified media designer. Independent in media design and advertising photography for more than 12 years.

Experienced in people and product photography, as well as image editing, skin and body retouching.

MelanieMake-up Artist
Qualified make-up artist and specialist, hair-stylist, colour- and style-consultant plus tailor.

Furthermore assisting photo-shootings and creative in set design.