Do you take photos for passports?2017-08-17T12:20:11+00:00

No, we do not offer taking simple passport photos!

Are there opportunities for internships or vacancies?2017-08-17T12:19:45+00:00

We currently do not plan to enlarge our team ans we do not offer internships.

Therefore we ask you to refrain from applications. Documents sent to us nevertheless will not be returned.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

What are your opening hours?2017-08-17T12:19:16+00:00
Please appriciate that we have no classic opening hours, we offer photo-shootings only by appointment. Sometimes short-term appointments are possible, so feel free to request.
Do you offer discounts?2020-03-13T22:43:19+00:00

Please understand that we do not negotiate individual discounts.

Holders of a Globus customer card receive a 5% discount* on one shooting-package as published on our website.

Moreover, we reward customer loyalty as follows:

Customers who come to another photo shoot within a year of a full shoot will receive a 10% loyalty discount* on the package prices as published on our website.

Customers who come to another photo shoot within two years after a full shoot will receive a 5% loyalty discount* on the package prices as published on our website.

Customers who come to another shoot for the third time in a row after a full shoot receive a 15% loyalty discount* on the package prices as published on our website and keep this percentage for further annual follow-up shoots.

*Prints, posters or other tangible photo products as well as additional image files, vouchers and additional services that are not covered by the packages are excluded from the discount.

Why is there an extra fee for sets and props?2017-08-17T12:18:06+00:00

For our varying sets and the tenderly collected and prepared requisites, we spare no expense and efforts. Versatility and uniqueness are the centre of our attention. As we attempt to care for a constant variety and because of additional effort for the set conversion an appropriate fee for usage in shootings is inevitable.

In which cases travel costs incur?2023-02-07T11:53:37+00:00

For all photo-shootings outside our studio in Kirchheimbolanden 1,00 € will be charged for each kilometer driven. For journeys more than 200 km we will make an individual quotation, because additional costs could incur.

When and how can I make an appointment?2019-03-07T15:13:31+00:00

We prefer appointment requests by telephone, but of course we gladly answer any requests that come by e-mail or Facebook, too.

If the shooting should be on a certain day, we recommend an early request and booking. This applies in particular to wedding shootings, Fridays and Saturdays.

Appointments are only valid after receipt of a deposit of 40% of the planned shooting costs. The deposit is to be paid immediately after a fixed appointment, by bank transfer or in cash and it is non-refundable.

Additional costs, such as for special locations, must be 100% prepaid.

Can I be photographed in different outfits?2017-08-17T12:16:39+00:00

Yes, in our separate dressing room discreet outfit changes can be made. Depending on the shoot, 2-3 outfits are included. For additional outfits costs will be charged.

How should I prepare for my appointment?2017-08-17T12:16:10+00:00

A good preparation is important. Please bring along a small range of appropriate outfits and accessories like jewellery, glasses etc. to your shooting. If you want to apply make-up by yourself, please arrive already with your shooting-make-up in our studio. Of course you have the possibility to refresh your make-up on location. If you have decided for a shooting with make-up artist, please come without any make-up, and washed, dry hair without any styling products.

For shootings with babies it is important that the small ones are possibly pleased. Therefore they should be replete, dry and should have some of its favorite toy available. Own properties with a special personal relevance could be brought along and used during the shooting. Also for babies a choice of outfits is useful. For pictures of sleeping babies, the first two week are ideal, but also thereafter are enough possibilities to take nice photos, so this is no reason to be stressed.

If photos should be taken in your own premises, please ensure that all places which should be used as location are in optimal conditions at the day of the shooting.

Where could i be photographed?2023-02-07T11:57:52+00:00

Of course, we do not just shoot in the studio, but also outdoor and on your desired location.

For outdoor shoots, the Schlosspark near the photgraphic studio, vineyards in the area, various lost places or perhaps your own location ideas, offers themselves.

In addition, we have the possibility to use some indoor locations, where shootings with official approval can take place. The use of such location is usually associated with additional costs.

On request, shootings are possible all over Germany, across Europe and around the world, such as beach shootings on Mallorca or in the Netherlands for example.

What about a companion?2017-08-17T12:14:36+00:00

Of course you can bring a companion to the shooting. But this must stay in the background and should not disturb the shooting.

In particular, the accompanying person is not allowed to produce his own photographs or video footage, generally not in our entire photostudio, but also not during a shooting outdoor or on location.

Can I postpone or cancel my appointment?2017-08-17T12:13:53+00:00

A punctual arrival to the appointment is important, delays are deducted from the shooting time. As soon as a delay is likely, please contact us by telephone. In the case of delays of more than 30 minutes, our satisfaction guarantee expires. Delays greater than 60 minutes are considered non-attendance. Extended time due to delays costs 50,- € per 30 minutes.

In the case of non-attendance without cancellation, a penalty of 100% of the planned shooting costs will be due.

Appointments can be postponed once for urgent reasons up to 48 hrs before the beginning of the shooting, the deposit will be transferred in this case. If the 48 hours have already been exceeded, the deposit will be considered as a failure penalty and will no longer be charged for the shooting costs.

Appointments can be canceled completely up to 14 days before the start of the shooting. In this case, the deposit will be withheld as a penalty indemnity. Should the 14 days already be exceeded, a cancellation fee of 100% of the planned shooting costs will be due for a complete cancellation.

Will my photos be edited?2017-08-17T12:13:28+00:00

All photos, which are put into the online gallery, have already gone through a pre-selection and have with the picture editing standard an optimization of color, contrast and image excerpt experienced.

The Pinup retouch is, for example, an editing special. Here, if not already at the shooting inclusive, incur additional costs.

Basically, the photographs can be edited according to your wishes. In addition to a high-quality skin rejuvenation, body shape modification, the removal of scars or small tattoos, further special wishes are possible. For special requirements simply contact us. The compensation for professional image editing depends on the individual effort.

How and when will I get the pictures?2017-08-17T12:12:59+00:00

Usually the photos are available in your personal, password-protected online gallery after about 1-2 weeks. Should a faster delivery be indispensable, this period can be shortened individually after collusion.

In the online gallery you can make your picture selection for the inclusives as well as additional pictures and save them in wishlists. In the connected onlineshop, high-quality prints, posters, canvases and more, can be ordered uncomplicated. The order of the picture files is made by sharing the wishlist or informally by e-mail.

After the selection by the customers, downloads are released in time. The delivery time for prints, posters and other tangible photoproducts can be found directly on the Onlinshop. The laboratory with which we cooperate usually works as fast as reliably and delivers best quality.

Generally downloads will only be released or if all invoices are settled. The same is applicable to deliveries.

How long will I have access to the online gallery?2020-09-21T20:09:47+00:00

The photos are usually kept online for 3 months in your protected gallery and are then taken from the server.

If you want to order later, a fee for the reconstruction of the gallery is due.

The pictures of our shootings are archived indefinitely, but they will be deleted someday. Furthermore, we give no guarantee for the integrity of the data. Therefore we always recommend our customers to purchase the image files and carry out their own data backup.

What rights of use do I have relating the photos?2017-08-17T12:11:36+00:00

The private rights of usage and reproduction are inclusive in every photo-shooting, for job applications, private photo prints, private websites, private or personally accounts in social media, for example.

Commercial rights of usage can be bought any time, also afterwards, for commercial websites, company brochures or commercial accounts in social media, for example.

The private and the commercial rights of usage does NOT include the right to sell the pictures itself or products on which the picture is the central element. This right can be purchased.

With a copyright mention your photos can also be used in social media. As the most social media providers grant themselves comprehensive rights of your pictures by their general business terms, we recommend to use photos only in reduced resolution. As prevention we can additionally provide your photos with a discreet watermark.


Are images of me published unasked?2017-08-17T12:06:55+00:00

No, your pictures will not be published unasked.

Nevertheless we need beautiful sample photos for the presentation of our work. Therefore, as a customer, you have the possibility to approve, reject or restrict a reference use by us in the shooting contract.

We have full understanding when customers do not want their photos to be used as sample images by us. However, of course we are very happy, when we get your permission to show reference pictures of our work.

Can I purchase additional pictures?2022-06-29T20:53:25+00:00

Of course, it is possible to purchase additional photos as files or in the form of prints.

Prices for prints vary according to size and start at € 7.90.

For additional image files in the highest resolution, we usually have a price scale that varies depending on the shoot. Regarding a wedding shoot, for example: File 1 to 10 each € 16.- / file 11 to 20 each € 11.- / files 21 to 30 each € 6.-. If 30 additional files have been purchased for a total of € 330.- you will receive the remaining files for free and thus have the complete package!

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