For nearly all photo-shootings there is an option for booking an individual premium make-up application by our professional make-up artist. As color-, style- and make-up application consultant she works type specific and together you will find an appropriate make-up for every demand.

From a discreet business make-up for application-shootings as example to an extravagant special make-up for a creative photo-shooting, every desire could be met.

Thereby your main objectives are always that you like your make-up, you feel good with it and of course that you are prepared for your shooting optimally.

Powdering (10,-€)
Day-make-up (30,-€)
Business-make-up (30,-€)
Evening-make-up (45,-€)
Beauty-make-up (45,-€)
Special-make-up (starting 60,-€)
Bride-make-up (starting 60,-€)

Hourly rate 60,- €


As important as the right make-up is your hairstyling, because your hairs form the frame for your face and have in this way a huge influence on your total appearance.

Alongside a simple hairstyling for natural portraits or business-photos, there is also a possibility for the design of sophisticated hairstyling as example for pin-up-shootings.

By adding movable hair parts your hair volume can be increased remarkable for short time.

Hairstyling Business (starting 20,-€)
Hairstyling Beauty (starting 30,-€)
Hairstyling Special (starting 60,-€)
Hairstyling Wedding (starting 60,-€)

Hourly rate 60,- €

Color- and style-consulting and make-up application training

The color- and style-consulting and make-up application training is suitable for all persons who wants to invest in their own person. Because stylistically confident people are perceived more positive by their optimized charisma and an increase in total confidence, professional as well as private. If you know yourself precisely, you will buy much straighter, will have less mispurchases and last but not least loose less time in front of your wardrobe.

Together we light up individual possibilities to underline your strengths and your personality as well as the options to hide details you probably dislike. When you get no more compliments for your nice dress but for your total look, you have reached your target.

In a relaxed atmosphere we determine your type of colour together. You will get a professional colour training and you will identify possible combinations in your colour palette. Thereby you will get a type specific day-make-up, recommendations for suitable hair colours and your personal colour chart as guidance for shopping. For a colour consulting you should take about 2 hours of your time. Because we need your natural beauty for our analysis, you should arrive already without make-up, if possible. If not, you have the possibility to remove your make-up in our studio, of course.

Colour consulting (170,-€)

Style consulting is a supplement to the colour consulting and requires it as a base. With a view on your body proportions we identify your optimal style of clothing and accessories. For the appointment you should bring strait clothes like a pair of leggings, tights and a strait undershirt. A selection out of your wardrobe would be also useful, as well as some of your accessories like glasses, jewellery and bags.

Style consulting (90,-€)

From a lot of fashion magazines and TV-shows we know, that faces can be classified into rough shapes. But indeed most people have mixed shapes. During the make-up application consulting we analyse your individual face shapes, skin, hair colour, nose, eye area and lip shape. Based on this results you will get a professional make-up recommendation and a practical familiarization in application technics to achieve an optimal make-up by yourself.

Make-up application training (90,-€)